Monday, February 24, 2014

Resupply Options

I now have an itinerary!  We will happily make use of Reds Meadow Resort, Muir Trail Ranch, and (hopefully) Vermilion Valley Resort (I haven't yet received confirmation of our reservation).  I've also been in touch with Dee from Berners' Pack Outfits.  What a nice lady!  I enjoyed speaking with her and I look forward to meeting her on the trail about halfway between Muir Trail Ranch and Whitney.  Yes, I know, that's a pricey collection of rest stops and resupply options...but this is our 2014 vacation, and I want the girls and I to have fun.  Having a bed every so often during the first half of our journey will be nice -- and not having to lug ten days worth of food for three people will be wonderful!

I'm planning on a maximum of 23 days on the trail.  That should be more than enough time to get from Yosemite to Whitney, barring injury or illness.  The girls are tough and experienced, and they now regularly beat adult book time on hikes here in the Whites.  I've sketched a conservative plan with an average of ten miles a day, so I think we should be fine in terms of not overdoing it.

Meantime, here in snowy New Hampshire, we're back to hiking once a week (my leg seems to be completely healed!).  Here's a photo from our latest trek.  It's the girls being goofy on Mt. Crawford (click here for the full trip report).

More next week.  In the meantime, please donate to Feeding America!

Friday, February 21, 2014



We have our permits!!!

Alex, Sage, and I will hike the John Muir Trail in August.  Let the official planning begin!

First, a reminder -- if you haven't already, please donate to Feeding America, our nation's largest domestic hunger-relief organization!  Feeding America is a nonprofit charity with a 98% efficiency rating.  It is not affiliated with any religion, and it ranked #4 on Forbes Magazine's 50 Top Charities for 2013.

Second, a note on gear.  I've decided to do a gear list, accompanied by a review, after we return from California.  This means I won't discuss gear before we leave, with the exception of the few pieces I've already mentioned in previous posts.  Why take the time to discuss gear we haven't yet put to the test?  It seems more wise, not to mention efficient, to list and discuss everything after we return.  I will tell you this right now, though -- our gear will be ultralight.

Now that I have the permits, I can plan a (flexible) itinerary and arrange resupply.  I also need to look into the possibility of blogging day-by-day, as I was able to do on the Camino.  Since there probably won't be much cell reception in the high Sierras, I may have to keep a paper journal and blog after-the-fact, when we return.  Even if the latter's the case, I will still probably be able to send a quick picture and note once or twice.

More information coming soon!  Woo-hoo, can't wait!

Monday, February 10, 2014

All healed! The hiking resumes...

Woo-hoo!  My leg feels 100% better and we're back to hiking mountains!  Yesterday, the girls and I revisited the Hancocks in New Hampshire.  Click here for the trip report.

Alex and Sage on North Hancock
Hopefully, I'll be able to secure our permits within the next ten days.  After those permits are secured (cross your fingers for us!), this blog will quickly fill up with details, gear lists, etc.