Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Blogs and Yahoo Groups

Haven't bought any more gear yet.  I plan to purchase ultralight sleeping bags for the three of us after the New Year.  Those things are expensive, so I need to save up.  I don't mind spending the money, since I/we will use the bags over the coming years (assuming the bags survive the JMT).

I continue to worry about my backpack weight.  Carrying food for three people for days on end will be a challenge.  I have to go ultra-ultra-light to make this trip work.  The girls should be fine, since they won't be carrying anything more than what they already carried on the Camino.

Someone directed me to Heather and Sierra's PCT blog.  Heather (aka "Mama Bear") is mom to nine-year-old Sierra (aka "Monkey") -- I plan to read through their JMT section carefully and note their gear.  I have to say, it was refreshing to find their site -- besides me and the girls, I didn't know of any other mom-young daughter(s) hiking teams.  We need more moms and daughters out there!

A friend put me in touch with the moderator of a JMT Yahoo Group.  I'll join that group this week and start perusing the current and archived posts.

I guess you could say the next couple of months will be all about information gathering.


  1. I forget if i mentioned it in my other comment. You should look at backpacking quilts as a cheaper and lighter equivalent for sleeping bags. I made my own synthetic summer 45* quilt for ~ $100. and bought a 20* down quilt from Enlightened Equipment for far less than a sleeping bag of the weight and temp.

    home made guide (i used newspaper instead of scrap fabric to make a smooth surface for sewing over the insulation, then it is removed and adds less weight) you can also get use M90 fabric instead of ripstop 1.1 for lighter weight. I used m90 and Apex 2.5 for a 45* quilt at 12ounces

    seriously jealous of the JMT hike.. it is on my to do list for sure.

  2. I have found the yahoo group helpful as well! So much planning to do :)